Plum Premier League 20/21 - Managers Of The Month Update

Despite dominating proceedings at the start of the campaign, League Cup Champions elect Spurs slip in form (or otherwise known as its defence) has seemingly opened the door for City to canter to the title again.  Even our old friend VAR has flatly refused to bail out the usual suspects this season.

But, whilst the Premier League proper slowly and surely draws to an inevitable (some might say boring) conclusion, things are really starting to hot up in the PPL. 

As always, we will start by saluting our latest managers with congratulations to:

January Manager of the Month

1. Stephen Farmer - Snodland Villa - 384 points

A massive well done also goes to:

2. Mat Timms (Aston Lark) - JuvenTimms - 371
3. Steve Larman (Turner Rawlinson) - KICK IT! - 369
4. Marcus Pearson (Alan Boswell Group) - FCBuzzBar - 366
5. Michael Dallman (Absolute Insurance) - CHAMP19NS - 362  

February Manager of the Month
1. Dean Capel (Aston Lark) – Deans on Toast - 495

Great work as well by:

2. James Windibank – Lord of the Ings - 444
3. Ben Lee (W B Baxter) – Blee FC - 442
4. John Heather - Wight Trash - 440
5. Russell Butlin (UBT) – Russlers Hustlers - 438

Numero Uno Supremo

The supremo’s topping the PPL as we go head into the final straight are:

1. Cormac Murphy (Caulfield Insurance) - Run of the Milner - 1903
2. Marcus Pearson (Alan Boswell Group) - FCBuzzBar – 1900
3. Dean Capel (Aston Lark) – Deans on Toast - 1893
4. Dan Revell - Klopp A Load of That - 1873
5. Barry Wright (Aston Lark) - The Bazbee Babes - 1842

I’ll be back with another update in March but in the interim, may your transfers, bench boosts and captain picks be wise ones!

Best of luck for the remainder of the season.



Steven Bishop BA (Hons)

Head of Business Development