Announcing the Plum Premier League Season 20/21

First I’d like to kick off by wishing you, your colleagues and your families a very Happy New Year on behalf of everyone here at Plum.  

The big story so far this year - in my humble opinion anyway - is that this is shaping up to be the most open and exciting season ever in the history of the Premier League.
They said that we’d never see a Leicester City winning the Premiership again but I suspect that fans of the Man Cities, Everton’s, Southampton’s and perhaps even Chelsea’s of this world would disagree.  Maybe, just maybe, their teams could repeat that unlikely feat, or, will it be BAU with the elite clubs like Liverpool and Spurs resuming their annual battle for supremacy?
The fact that no one team can put together any sort of sustained run of form (without the need for dubious penalties) makes it a very tricky season for us PPL Managers to negotiate.  Add in matches being postponed on top of the usual injuries and illness and things start to get even tougher emphasising the need to have some strength in depth and a strong bench to call upon.  I wish I listened to my own advice by the way.
Either way, I for one cannot wait to see how things unfold over the coming months.
Back to what is ‘probably’ the most coveted prize in the world of insurance - the PPL - and congratulations to our Managers of the Month for September, October, November and December.
On behalf of everyone here at Plum, our congratulations go to:

September Manager of the Month

1. Rachel Hodsdon (Stewart & Partners) - ZachAttack - 224 points

With an honourable mention going to:

2. Barry Wright (Aston Lark) - The Bazbee Babes - 220
3. Sean Moran (Marsh Commercial) - Hakuna Juan Mata - 213
4. Penny Graham - PENS PEOPLE - 212
5. Cormac Murphy (Bellegrove Ltd) - Run of the Miller - 211  

October Manager of the Month

1.  Darren Seabrook (DKS Insurance Services Ltd) - DKS FC - 317

Great work as well by:

2. Scott Harrison (Circle Group) - Hakuna Juan Mata* - 312
3. Oliver Barton (Aston Lark) - Here We Go! - 304
4. Sean Moran (Marsh Commercial) - Hakuna Juan Mata* - 300
5. Graham Roberts (Horsham Insurance) - PLOUGH LANE F.C. - 298

*Denotes this is not a typo – we have 2 teams with the same name.  Great minds as they say gents.  

November Manager of the Month

1. Dan Revell (Park Insurance Services) - Klopp A Load Of That - 227

Back of the net to:

2. Stuart Fenty (J Fenty Insurance) - Hugo’s Boys - 223
3. Dheeren Patel (Ellis David) - Beanz Meanz Heinze - 219
4. Oliver Barton (Aston Lark) - Here We Go! - 219
5. Marcus Pearson (Alan Boswell) - FCBuzzBar - 218  

December Manager of the Month

1. Dan Hayward (Highworth Insurance) - Game of Throw-Ins - 414

Wonderful, wonderful stuff to:

2. Jim Campbell (UK & Ireland Insurance) - Belldale United - 398
3. Gareth Williams - Merlin335 - 395
4. Ryan Van der Merwe (Willis Towers Watson) - Rvfc - 394
5. Dave Warwick (Anderson White Insurance Brokers) - 2 Hopes - 390

Congratulations again to all our winners who will be shortly be receiving a £/€25 Amazon gift voucher via email!

Supremo Mourinho

We all know that the Christmas schedule can make or break a season and the PPL is no different and here are the top 5 supremo’s as things currently stand:

1. Cormac Murphy (Bellegrove Ltd) - Run of the Miller - 1,113
2. Justin Theobald – (Melville Burbage) - JT - 1,095
3. Mark Skipsey (Elliott Slowther Insurance Services Ltd) - Gangster’s Allardyce - 1,081
4. Marcus Pearson (Alan Boswell Group) - FCBuzzBar - 1,074
5. Jim Campbell (UK & Ireland Insurance) - Belldale United - 1,067

And finally, on behalf of us all here at Plum, thank you as well for your continued support throughout 2020 and we look forward to working with you again in 2021.

My next update will be around the middle of February so good luck in the meantime and look forward to catching up again then.


Steven Bishop BA (Hons)

Head of Business Development