Plum Premier League - Half Time Update & Managers of the Month

We are just over (ok, perhaps well over) half way through the season so it’s high time I brought you all up to speed on all the latest developments in the PPL.

 We are getting towards the business end of the season and its sweaty palm time for our top performing supremo's with only 115 points separating 1st and 30th positions. Each one of the 'fantastic 30' are still in with a great shout of being our 17/18 champion, but more that in a bit.

 To kick things off, I am going to start with our Managers of the Month who have all been waiting a for the opportunity to bask in the glory of being one of the top Poch’s over the last few months.

 On behalf of us all here at Plum, congratulations go to:

October Poch of the Month:
1. Tim Smith (KGJ Insurance) - Strong & Stable-ish - 207

With an honourable mention going to:
2. Ryan Hammett (SJL Insurance Services) - Chickentikka MoSolah - 201
3. Paul Killinger (Jelf/Bluefin) - Fantasy Flops - 200
4. Andrew Rogers (AJG) - Real Rogers - 198
5. James Liddell (R K Harrison) - Gayle Force - 196

November Poch of the Month:
1. Andrew Rogers (AJG) - Real Rogers - 289

100% respect is due to:
2. Paul Frith (R K Henshall & Co) - Frithy's Fighters - 273
3. Daniel White (PIB Insurance) - Narcos Alonso - 273
4. Nicky Whatman (Plum Underwriting) - ManonMan - 265
5. Chris Moore - Armchair FC - 264
5. Katie Bishop - Ella's dream team - 264

December Poch of the Month:
1. Richard McLeod (McLeod Risk Services) - Dik's Dogs - 495

Well played to:
2. Michael Dallman (Absolute Insurance) - Karma Chiefs - 480
3. Rebecca Watkins (Bricks & Motor Insurance Brokers) - BW Wanderers - 479
4. Philip Fray - flipmode - 477
5. Dominic Murphy (AJG) - Ginga Ninjas - 475

January Poch of the Month:
1. Paul Chisholm (COL-Insure) - Just 2 good 4 you - 291

Peace out to:
2. Neil Tolputt (Ryan Insurance Group) - Sleepless Knights - 290
3. Damien Fowley - HurriKane Season - 287
4. George Allen (Lark Insurance) - No Fuchs given - 280
5. Matt Tattler (Bollington Insurance Brokers) - Oh Mkhi Ur So Fine - 276

The Fantastic 30:  
The supremo's topping the PPL as we go into March are:


1. Richard McLeod (McLoed Risk Services) – Dik’s Dogs - 1730

2. Ryan Thorpe (Fresh Insurance) - For Fuchs Sake - 1718

3. Philip Fray – flipmode - 1714

4. Andrew Rogers (AJG) – Real Rogers - 1704

5. George Allen (Lark Insurance) – No Fuchs given - 1690

 In case you were wondering who the top performer at Plum was - its Steven Bishop in 30th place.  His team Far From Standard are on a magnificent 1615 points.

As the tension builds and the excitement starts ramp up, I will be issuing these updates on a monthly basis from now on so please keep an eye out for them in the coming weeks.

Good luck for the rest of the season!

Steven Bishop

Terms and conditions:
1. We will be running the competition in line with the rules stated on the Premier League Fantasy Football website.
2. Prizes are only available to insurance brokers with a live Plum agency.
3. We will be using the Classic method for scoring.
4. You will be responsible for managing your own team in line with the rules of the Fantasy Premier League. For more details please click here.
5. In the event of a tie or dispute, the Plum management team reserve the right to make the final decision.