Welcome to the Plum Premier League (PPL) - August and September Managers of the Month

Attendance Record

I am also delighted to announce that we have broken last years 'attendance' record with over 530 would-be Poch's battling for the title of 17/18 - PPL Manager of the year.

So whether you are a returning Poch or new to the league (many thanks to everyone who registered a team and sent me an email to confirm by the way), thank you all for taking part and making this still one of the most prestigious titles in world football fantasy management.

August & September Managers of the Month:

Congratulations goes to James Hastings (August) and Markus Hinson (September) for being our first two MoTM this season. Well played indeed chaps.

But it's not just about our top performers, so well done to everyone mentioned below who made the top 5 in each month.

For August, our congratulations go to:

  1. James Hastings - AFC Shame (210)
  2. Chris Denbeigh (Absolute Insurance) - Show Me Da Mane (206)
  3. David Edmunds (Clear Insurance Management) - only one F in Fulham (199)
  4. Gary Houghton - The Untouchables (196)
  5. Johnathan Mann - (B K Insurance Brokers) - JimmyFloydBottleBank (196)

And for September:

  1. Markus Hinson - tequila risers - (304)
  2. Reece Birch (Plum Underwriting) - Birchy's XI - (299)
  3. Michael Cottee (Vision Insurance Services) - Mike's Marvels - (299)
  4. James Plested (Heath Crawford) - massive losers - (288)
  5. Adrian Hanson - pique blinders - (283)

Top of the Poch's

I am sure you have all been keeping up with developments and league position's since the season started so there is absolutely no need for me to mention that I was actually winning the PPL a few weeks ago. (I have the screen shots to prove it). After all, and as fans of Manchester City would also concede, neither of our teams will be top of the league come the end of the season.

The supremo's topping the PPL as we go into October are:

  1. Chris Denbeigh (Absolute Insurance) - Show Me Da Mane (463)
  2. Reece Birch (Plum Underwriting) - Birchy's XI (459)
  3. Johnathan Mann (B K Insurance Brokers) - JimmyFloydBottleBank (452)
  4. Rory Baker Baker (R K Harrison) - Farcelona (451)
  5. Chris Michael (Autonet) - Dog and Duck (448)

Well done to all of you - terrific performances so far.

As far as our 2016/2017 champ is concerned, David Tarry currently sits in 114th position. Its very early days however!

Good luck for the rest of the season.



Steven Bishop (Head of Business Development)



Terms and conditions:

  1. We will be running the competition in line with the rules stated on the Premier League Fantasy Football website.
  2. Prizes are only available to insurance brokers with a live Plum agency.
  3. We will be using the Classic method for scoring.
  4. You will be responsible for managing your own team in line with the rules of the Fantasy Premier League. For more details please click here.
  5. In the event of a tie or dispute, the Plum management team reserve the right to make the final decision.