Remember...we insure risks others don't.

We like to say YES where others say no

  • We provide specialist home insurance via brokers throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland
  • We can accommodate standard and non standard risks across our full range of products, including mid and high net worth
  • We take the time to understand each risk presented to us, which means we can offer a suitable policy to those of your clients who are finding it difficult to obtain home insurance for a variety of reasons

Some examples of our wide appetite

  • Listed buildings - Whether the building is G1, G2 or G2* we can provide cover if your client has acquired or is living in a property where the previous owners have made alterations without the appropriate planning consent and we can offer Extended Replacement Cover subject to our arranging a buildings valuation or risk appraisal
  • Sportspersons - we will consider any sportsperson, in any location, in any sport - in each case we will quote on our most appropriate product
  • Previously subsided and/or underpinned properties
  • Part let or AirBNB properties
  • Clients with criminal convictions
Our specialists are committed to helping you win and retain profitable business, so whatever your client's requirements are, make sure you talk to us first about our range of specialist home insurance products. For more information about the full range of our products please click here

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If you would like further information please contact:

Niall Madders (Head of Underwriting)
Email:  Telephone: 0345 263 7468 (Ext 1372).

We look forward to hearing from you.