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Here at Plum we're committed to helping UK brokers and their clients with specialist home insurance requirements. There are no computers or rigid underwriting criteria driving our decisions, we individually underwrite each case. So, when you ask us for a quote, we'll work with you to provide terms where most other insurers can't. 

Our specialist home insurance product range

Flex is designed for non standard home insurance risks and is available in the UK and Republic of Ireland. It's there to provide a solution for those who are finding it difficult to insure their home and possessions. 

Let is home insurance for landlords letting residential properties in the UK. It covers everyday let homes as well as providing a solution for brokers finding it difficult to place or renew their client's let home insurance.

Retreat is for private individuals who own a holiday/second home in the UK. Cover is provided for residential homes used either for private holiday/second home use or let on a short term basis. Cover can be provided for both 'standard and 'non standard' risks.

Amethyst is a worldwide "All Risks" home insurance policy available in the UK and Republic of Ireland. It has few limitations, high policy limits and a host of automatic cover extensions. It’s the solution you require for both 'standard' and 'non standard' clients with contents valued at more than £75,000 / €75,000.

HomeWorks is a dedicated insurance policy for homeowners and landlords renovating, refurbishing and extending their residential properties in the UK and Republic of Ireland. It provides cover under one single, seamless policy for the existing structure, the contract works, the home contents and the homeowner's liability exposures for the period of any rebuilding, refurbishment or construction.

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Delivering exceptional levels of service
To ensure we continue to provide our brokers with the highest level of service, with immediate effect we will be introducing a policy fee of £20 / 
€20  applicable to all new business, mid term adjustments and renewals that have an effective date of 22nd July 2015 onwards. Existing policies will not attract any policy fees until their next renewal date.

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