Five good reasons to choose Plum for your clients

Are you seeing home insurance risks with any of the following features?

  • Adverse claims history
  • Previous convictions/bankruptcy
  • Non standard construction
  • Flood area/history
  • Subsidence area/history or underpinned properties
  • Declined, refused or had insurance cancelled
  • Non standard occupations
  • Unoccupied/let property/holiday home

If you answered 'yes' here's five good reasons why you should come to us:

  1. We individually underwrite every enquiry we receive.
  2. We look to say ‘yes’ when others say ‘no’. When you ask us for a quote we’ll work with you to provide terms where most other insurers can’t.
  3. We value your feedback, and we act on what you tell us - we’re constantly working to enhance our products
  4. We never stand still. We’ll shortly be making important announcements about new products that will help you meet the specialist home insurance needs of even more of your clients. Make sure you bookmark our news section to keep in touch with all the latest developments.
  5. We’re committed to supporting you and your clients and should any questions or issues arise, you can pick up the 'phone and speak to a person with the authority to provide the answers you need.

    The contact details for our underwriting team are as follows:

    Flex & Amethyst: 0845 481 0069
    HomeWorks: 0845 263 7468

Get a quote
Visit our Broker Centre where you can request quotations, access information on our products and download documentation. 

Get in touch
To discuss how Plum can help you grow profitable business in this key market sector, please email Steven Bishop (Head of Business Development) at or call him direct on 01787 464408

We look forward to hearing from you.