Even more reasons to choose Plum

Even more reasons to choose Plum

At Plum we’re committed to supporting UK Brokers. We’re constantly looking for ways we can help you to help your clients. So we’re writing to remind you about some important changes we’ve recently made.

Flex is now more flexible!

Flex, our specialist product for clients with non standard needs who are finding it difficult to obtain home insurance, is your answer for risks with features such as (but not limited to) non standard construction, adverse claims history, insurance declined, refused or cancelled or non standard occupations.

Minimum premium reduced
We’ve reduced the minimum premium for Flex from £400 to £200 and introduced a new lower £100 excess option too – the previous minimum excess was £250.

Cover for unoccupied homes
Subject to our normal underwriting, when you ask for a Flex quote and the home is unoccupied, we’ll provide you with premium options for additional levels of cover, from basic FLEEA only to near full perils.

Plus, Amethyst now has a non standard appetite too!

Until recently, Amethyst, our Defaqto 5-star rated, worldwide ‘all risks’ policy has only been available for ‘clean risks’. However, provided your client has a minimum of £75,000 contents, you can now choose Amethyst in situations that require flexibility in the underwriting due to non standard elements to the risk.

We like to say ‘yes’ when others say ‘no’

There are no computers or rigid underwriting criteria driving our decisions; we individually underwrite every case. When you ask us for a quote we’ll work with you to provide terms where most other insurers can’t.

And to give you and your clients full peace of mind our Flex and Amethyst products are backed by the  A+ financial strength and security of Lloyd's of London, the world's leading insurance market.

So, whenever you see risks that don’t meet the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach of the ‘standard’ insurers, make sure we see them too.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our products, or your agency, please email Steven Bishop (Head of Business Development) at bus.dev@plum-underwriting.com or call him direct on 01787 464408