The Time is right...

The time is right to insure large domestic renovations and extensions in the Republic of Ireland, says Plum

London, 13th November 2013:

Specialist household insurance provider Plum Underwriting has launched its HomeWorks product in the Republic of Ireland to protect homeowners undertaking extensive building extension projects and renovations.

The move follows a very positive market response to Plum’s decision to expand its underwriting footprint to write specialist household risks through brokers in Northern Ireland from July.

Plum’s HomeWorks product is an individually underwritten product for policyholders who are renovating, refurbishing or extending their homes where the building works are too extensive for the appetite of high net worth home insurers. HomeWorks covers the buildings works, existing structure, general contents and home owners public liability and includes subsidence cover for the existing structure as standard.

Plum’s Managing director, David Whitaker, said: “HomeWorks has proven very successful in the UK broker market and similar conditions existing in Ireland where affluent homeowners continue to invest significant sums of money into their properties. With the Irish housing market showing signs of recovery we are in a good position to help brokers looking to secure the correct cover for their clients’ substantial extension and renovation projects. This is the first step in offering our full range of specialist home insurance products to key partner brokers in the Republic of Ireland, helping them to protect their clients from risks that mainstream markets shy away from.”

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