Plum refurbishes HomeWorks in time for key building season

Specialist household insurance provider Plum Underwriting has relaunched its HomeWorks product to incorporate cover for the property owner’s general contents in time for the start of the key spring building season.

HomeWorks is an individually underwritten product for policyholders who are renovating, refurbishing or extending their homes where the building works are too extensive for the appetite of high net worth home insurers.

While HomeWorks has always provided cover for the existing structure and the home owner’s responsibility for the building works, in response to broker feedback Plum will now also cover general contents as part of the single policy. This eliminates the need to assemble a complicated portfolio of insurance products from different providers to cover all of the risks associated with enhancing a property.

Plum has also taken the opportunity to update its HSB security backed policy wording to automatically include subsidence to the existing structure as standard. In addition, should problems occur, policyholders will now have access to a 24 hour legal helpline. This service offers advice on any private legal problems and provides access to a free online legal document service.

Plum’s Managing director, David Whitaker, said: “Undertaking substantial home building works can add value and enhance lifestyles, but it can also be a very stressful process. “Having planned their projects over the winter months many owners are now busy engaging contractors and getting ready to begin to build, but it is vital they don’t overlook the importance of purchasing the correct insurance cover.

“While this demand creates a prime opportunity for brokers to win new clients or cross sell to existing policyholders, they need access to specialist products. By refurbishing HomeWorks we aim to help our partners grow this important sector of their businesses by carefully underwriting the risks often excluded by the mainstream insurance markets and presenting their clients with a sophisticated one stop shop product."