Flex | It can get non-standard at the top:

Flex | It can get non-standard at the top
It is estimated that approximately 5-10% of home insurance risks that would normally fit into the High Net Worth category are deemed to be too "non-standard" or "distressed" for the usual high net worth insurers to consider. Whether that's due to a poor claims history, a conviction, a subsidence issue, or all of the above,  Plum Flex is there to help you deal with those difficult to place (or renew) risks. 

We can say yes, regardless of size

Where high net worth insurers are looking for "clean" risks, often very focused on "who is the client?", we are here to assist you with those larger, more difficult non-standard and specialist cases with a higher degree of risk and exposure. Plum Flex can cover sums insured of up to £10 million, so it can cater for the full spectrum of your clients struggling to obtain home insurance.

A real example

We recently insured a stone built, detached six bedroom house with a buildings sum insured of £1.7m and contents of £300,000 (of which £100,000 was valuables). Prior to the risk being covered by Plum Flex, the owner had been refused renewal due to five accidental damage/loss claims in the past five years. With an increased policy excess, we were able to offer cover at a premium of around £4,000.

Whatever the reason causing difficulty to obtain home insurance, it’s always worth speaking to us.

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